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Top Luxury Sedans on the Market 2018

Style, status and performance: Luxury sedans 2018

If you’re looking for the latest and the best in luxury sedans, then 2018 has a lot to offer you. It won’t be easy to settle on any one of them, because they all have some phenomenal features offered by the leading automobile manufacturers.

You could try to narrow down your search by specifying the segment you’re interested in, such as a full-size luxury, mid-size luxury or even the best entry-luxury car – and you would still have to rack your brains to finally freeze on the best choice for your requirements.

If your idea of luxury is something that transcends the truly stunning, exclusive and expensive, then here are some breath taking models, all with a five-star Editors rating from caranddriver.com:

– Rolls Royce Phantom: With decades of British automotive excellence built in, it starts at just over $420, 000 and caters to those who seek a car with exceptional class and distinction.

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