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– Rolls Royce Ghost Series ll: Priced at just under $300, 000, it lives up to the promise of luxury, speed and performance inherent in this brand.

– The Bentley Mulsanne and Bentley Mulsanne Speed: Every tycoon’s dream come true – whether you crave incredible speed or sinful luxury. The latter comes at a tidy $338, 000 package (approximately), while the former, which is a wood-adorned, leather-lined lounge on wheels is more reasonably priced (comparatively!) at $306, 000 approximately.

– Mercedes AMG S63/S65: Phenomenal power combined with sinful luxury, all hallmarks of this legendary brand, come in a neat package of around $145, 000.

– Jaguar XJR: If you seek size, speed and luxury in a lightweight body, you can opt for this at a reasonable package (considering all it’s attributes) of $119, 000 approximately.

– BMW M6 Gran Coupe: A four-door coupe with a sport-tuned chassis, it also offers a 56-hp twin-turbo 44-liter V-8, at just over $118, 000.

Popular Searches

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