Are You and your Mattress made for each other? If not, it’s time to shop for a new one.

My job takes me all over the country and and while I do enjoy the thrill of visiting new places, and as much as the travelling sates the wanderlust in me, the one thing I miss sorely when I’m away is my bed, or to be more specific my mattress. My precious memory foam mattress, which I arrived at after much trial and error, always ensures that I get the rest I need without waking up with any nagging aches and pains.

As mentioned earlier, I had to go through a process of trial and error because I sought the advice of other people (friends, colleague and salesmen) when it came to my mattress choices. After a lot of indecision and returned or exchanged merchandise I started to realise that comfort is highly subjective. I’m hoping that my experience will help (at least) some of you make this decision slightly easier. While there are no set rules to follow, finding out what specific type of mattress works for you is well worth the effort.

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