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Should you turn to for help?

When you need access to a large sum of money, it is natural to turn to a lender. However, the market today is flooded with companies offering personal loans. But what do you know about them? How reliable are they? And are you likely to have problems with them at a later date? is one of the leading loans websites in the market today.


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Founded in 1997, CashAdvance helps individuals to apply for, and receive, quick payday and cash advance loans is basically a one-stop shop for short-term loans, where people are given access to a network of payday lenders who adhere to some of the best practices in the industry. People can select a lender from the company’s extensive network, send in their applications, and get all the information they need about their loan, including terms, conditions, and fees.


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Most of the lenders in TriangleCash’s network do not ask for collateral.

When there’s a sudden, unexpected financial crisis, most people immediately start looking for a loan. And as far as they are concerned, a short term solution will do to tide them over. As a result, they invariably turn to a payday loan. Typically, a payday loan can be processed faster than a bank loan – all you need to do is provide proof and source of income. Do keep in mind, that you will have to repay it in full on your next pay day – with extremely high finance charges.


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Empathizing with the customer.

We all know how difficult it is asking anyone for a loan…whether a bank, a payday loan company or even a family member. One is never sure if anyone will understand your situation. That was exactly the reason why was set up. And, the reason why it’s different from the myriad personal loan companies out there.


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Edge Loan USA. Bridging the gap between borrower and lender – online.

Most people, when they face a financial crisis, turn to banks for loans. But banks today don’t make it easy to get a loan. The process is complicated and the demands on the borrower are many, such as documentation, information and often, collateral. Not to mention, having to pay high interest rates.


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Clover Business Loans offers an alternative to bank loans

Clover Business Loans projects itself as “Big help for small business loans” which can “shop multiple lenders with nationwide coverage.” An online marketplace for small business loans, Clover Business Loans maintains a network of nationwide lenders who offer small business loans at competitive interest rates.


Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Security Rating: 68% - Very Good

As with any new business enterprise, a new website does not automatically make it untrustworthy. In fact, as far as security goes, has a pretty high security rating of 68%. But, as with all new businesses, we should be extra careful and vigilant- especially since it’s a financial website and you will be trusting the people behind the name to lend you money and help you grow your business.

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