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Edge Loan USA. Bridging the gap between borrower and lender – online.

Most people, when they face a financial crisis, turn to banks for loans. But banks today don’t make it easy to get a loan. The process is complicated and the demands on the borrower are many, such as documentation, information and often, collateral. Not to mention, having to pay high interest rates.

However, there are other avenues that help solve this problem. Such as applying for a loan online, using a simple process and with the assurance of fast approvals and receipt of money. One such avenue is EdgeLoanUSA.com.

EdgeLoanUSA.com is a facilitator for loans. It brings together borrower and lender with the minimum fuss and bother and provides a service that is free to use. The website provides comprehensive information that helps simplify the process for you, and clearly defines the organization as “a free, no obligation financial service, matching prospective borrowers with prospective lenders.”

The website makes it very clear that EdgeLoanUSA.com makes money via it’s advertising referral service. It is paid by lenders to refer prospective borrowers to them. Hence, Edge Loan facilitates the process quickly and easily, enabling the lending process on your phone, tablet or computer, in real time. This allows you to track the status while you are proceeding through the application process.

The website offers a three-stage process:

1. Fill out the application and select the amount you need to borrow. You can choose cash amounts ranging from $100 to $2500. You will find three sections in the online application form that cover personal, employment and banking areas of information.
2. Edge Loan then looks for a lender to match your needs. You will then receive an offer within a few minutes clearly outlining the terms and conditions of the loan.
3. When you confirm your agreement to the terms (you have the option of refusing at this time), you will receive the money, possibly by the next business day.

The FAQ’s section is very clear about the pros and cons of this system and states:

“Each third party lender will have its own fees, APR and terms. These charges come directly from the lender and not from EdgeLoanUSA.com.”

Hence, it is important for you to study the terms and fees involved, and to understand that you do not have to accept them unless you want to. Your loan will only be processed after you electronically sign the offer and return it to the lender.

The Edge Loan website has been launched recently and hasn’t really established a track record. However, it has an office in Ontario and has been associated with a range of offers and loans. It also seems to have other referral websites that facilitate connections with short-term lenders.

EdgeLoanUSA.com appears to be a legitimate service website. However, it is safe to say that you must always do your due diligence to safeguard your own interests.